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Cupping Therapy is a form of ancient Chinese medicine which has  been around for many years.  It can look a little scary but it can be  a really effective treatment in helping with aches and pains.

Cups are attached to the skin with either a vaccum cup or a cup that has a suction gun.  I use both methods.  I do not use the fire method.

What does it do?

Cupping is used to treat pain and reduce swelling and muscle knots. According to traditional chinese medicine, cupping improve the flow of Qi (vital life force) and is said to help colds and other ailments.

So how does it work?

The vaccum causes the expansion of the tissue which increases blood flow to painful areas that are constricted.  The increased blood flow brings with it, improved oxygen supply and cell metabolism, which may reduce inflammatory issues.  In other words…. it gets anything stagnant to move freely again.

Does it hurt?

Some areas can be a little tender, especially if the area being treated is sore or has a problem.

Things to consider:

This treatment can cause bruising which may last a few days but often up to a week.


Theres lots of information in the press about athletes using cupping.  Click here to access one of these recent articles



1 hour treatment – tailored to clients needs and includes massage  £40

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