Non-surgical face rejuvenation

Natural Lift Facial Massage

Facial Rejuvenation without the surgery

Natural Lift Facial Massage

The Natural Lift Facial Massage is a gentle face massage, using a range of techniques to help to relieve deep tension, giving the facial muscles a lift.

It is a well known fact that facial expressions, stress, pollution and modern life, do, over the years, contribute to ageing.  This causes muscles in the face to lose tone elasticity and they start to sag.  Many have heard of the term ‘everything going South’; but you can do something to help.

A course of six is recommend for longer lasting effects.

What can I expect?

  • If the muscles have space to relax it also helps release potentially harmful toxins. Some people refer to this as being a natural face lift without the need for surgery.
  • You may be asked if you have you been away on holiday or whether you have done something different to your hair – you look younger!
  • Visually people look refreshed and energized losing the tight stressed and tired looking face for a more relaxed, younger stress free face which really shows.


1 hour treatment – £35

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