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The B-Line range is designed to pamper and protect through the natural qualities of Tea Tree and Lavender combined with other plant-based ingredients. All products in the B-Line treatment range are paraben free and diabetic safe, as well as being suitable for pregnant ladies who are over 12 weeks pregnant. It is also suitable for male clients. The foot smoothie is a relaxing and refreshing treatment to help soften those tired feet and the answer to sore, cracked heels.

What To Expect

Preparing The Feet

The feet are warmed using mitts to stimulate the blood cells.

Sole Exfoliant

A highly-effective, non-abrasive body exfoliant with the active ingredient, natural bamboo powder,. Improves circulation, refines texture, stimulates cell renewal and primes skin for deeper penetration of nourishing products.


A fast, highly-effective professional spray for hard dry skin and sore cracked heels.

Wooden Rasp

See dry skin fall away within seconds.

Feet Treat

Nourishes and re-hydrates the skin.

Foot & Leg Lotion

A foot and lower leg massage is carried out – this is a firm favourite with people who suffer from tired aching muscles and heavy legs.

Heel Appeal

The treatment ends with the Heel Appeal cream which is an intensive therapy which rejuvenates and promotes healthy skin. Walk out with supersoft feet!

Foot Smoothie

50 minutes treatment for only: £32.00


Why not extend your pamper by having reflexology with your Foot Smoothie for the ultimate time out!  Click here

About Pampered Soul

Pampered Soul is owned and operated by Yvonne Dixon who has many years experience in providing the people of Darlington and County Durham with relaxing holistic therapies and treatments.

Contact Info

Blackwell Grange Hotel (winin Leisure Club), Grange Road, Darlington, DL3 8QH

Phone: 07740 199778